Is often pegged as “THE” time to start something new

*new year

*new workout

*new YOU



We don’t want to change YOU, just help you make improvements! We have always believed that in order to create and MAINTAIN a healthy body, you must obtain healthy habits.


So starting mid-January, we will be hosting a fun new challenge:

The “Welcome to Bliss-Land” Game-

helping you get committed and stay accountable through a 6 week journey, Discover Bliss, and find your happy place!

There are no restrictions, no dieting, and no strict workout programs. Just an inclusive and encouraging group of gals that want the same thing you do- to feel comfortable and gain confidence while creating balance and successful habits that LAST!

This challenge will be in a POINTS format

+points for all the good things (meal prep, proper sleep, workouts etc)

-points for all the “not so good” things (drinking soda or alcohol, eating fast food)

The goal isn’t to never do these negative points activities, but to be AWARE of them, and only do them in MODERATION.

We will walk you through all the fine details before it begins!

Cost to enter will be $20

(Paid in studio or to with the security answer blissland)

And of course, there will be a nice big


For one lucky winner.

**this challenge will be able to be completed at home if you cannot make it to the studio**


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