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TERM 3 Schedule
Starts Monday, January 6th 2020 
9.30am Ballet Bodies*
2.00pm Zumba® Gold 55+
4.30pm Pound® Fitness
5.30pm Zumba® Fitness
7.00pm STRONG 45 - HIIT
9.30am Barre Sculpt*
5.30pm The b. class®
9.30am Ballet Bodies*
2.00pm Zumba® Gold 55+
5.45pm Pound® Fitness
5.45pm STRONG 45 - HIIT
6.45pm Zumba® Fitness
5.30pm Zumba® Fitness
6.45pm The b. class®
9.30am Barre HIIT*
9.30am Zumba® Fitness
10.45am Pound® Fitness
Classes with * have the option of childcare for $5
(or purchase a pack of 10 child care passes for $40). Must pre book your child care spot online to ensure we have enough space available to accomodate your child/ren
If you are looking for pre-registered Pole schedule, please click on classes. 
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