​Here is a weekly view of our ONLINE classes - to see a 'live' schedule with most up to date version and to reserve your spot in one, please click LIVE SCHEDULE in tabs above.
Quarantine Schedule
Starts Monday, 28 March 2020 
6.30pm Zumba® Fitness with Robyn 
9.30am Barre Sculpt with Dee
5.45pm STRONG 45 with Kendra
6.30pm Zumba Gold with Robyn
(7.30pm Pole Time - Perfect Inverts*) with Kele
5.30pm Pound® Fitness with Veronica
6.30pm Zumba® Fitness with Sarah
5.30pm Zumba® Fitness with Veronica
6.30pm Zumba Gold with Robyn
(7.30pm Pole time - Achieving Front Splits*) with Kele
9.30am Power Blast with Dee
9.30am Zumba® Fitness with Veronica
For classes with a (*), a "Pole Time Online" membership is required.
All other classes require a "Bliss Time Online" membership.

Depending on the class we will either Live Stream from FaceBook or from Zoom. Once you become a member you will need to 
1 - Join our Facebook page - Bliss Time Online
(we will approve you once we are notified of your membership on punchpass)
2 - Join Zoom (it's free) at www.zoom.us

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