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The b. class®

As a ’unique Brand’, The b. class® is an inspiring women’s, ’fitness program’ designed to let the heart and soul speak through.


The b. class® Combines athletic movement with powerful music creating connection. Liberate your soul, ignite a spark within, and b. We support women of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds feel strong and empowered to live their most authentic life.

Expect movement such as dancing, pushups, punches, mountain climbers, and more! Each class experience you will leave feeling clear, strong and empowered. 

Stay strong and healthy when you join one of our pole courses or pound events.



A Youth Empowerment Program for young girls to be inspired, to be their best selves, feel confident and empowered, while feeling connected to a community.

Inspired by The b. Class.


Next available class is for girls will be a 

6 Week Course- Ages 8-12

Starts January 8th

6:00pm- 7:00pm


What to Expect: 

Girl B You is a barefoot fitness program that empowers and strengthens both the mind and body. This program combines fitness moves with powerful music and movement, creating the perfect balance between intensity and fun! Girls will be inspired by the leader and the music to feel strong, confident and have fun while being active. Each class will end with a shavasana  to teach mindfulness as well as an activity or fun discussion that girls love!

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