All Pole classes currently on hold

Due to current COVID19 situation all of our in person Pole classes have been paused and will resume later in the year (date not yet known).

In the meantime, we are running two online classes a week to help you improve your strength and your flexibility so when you return to pole classes you come back stronger and ready to fly!

Tuesdays 7.45pm - Perfect Inverts - working on increasing strength in all the right areas! We want your inverts to be perfectly executed every time, we want you to feel strong when you do them, and we want you to BOTH sides equally well. This class will help with these goals. 

Thursdays 7.45pm - Achieving Front Splits - working on improving flexibility in your hips, hamstrings and flexors so that you can achieve your front splits - making all pole moves more graceful and so much easier to get into. 

Pricing options for online classes

1 - Pole Time Online - 1 class per week - 

Attend 1 of either one of the above Pole related class (no pole needed).

It is a self renewing membership that will charge you $9 a week, and you are able to attend 1 class a week, either of the above classes.

2 - Pole Time Online - 2 classes per week - 

Attend both of the above Pole related classes each week. It is a self renewing membership that will charge you $15 a week, and you are able to attend both of the above classes each week. 

The class is taught via Zoom, and you do need to reserve yourself in for the class, then you will be sent the Zoom meeting link to access the class. Once you reserve yourself you are then able to access the video of the class for up to 24 hours after the class has finished, so you don't have to join us live. If reserved you will be marked as attending the class, whether you did so live or not. 

Please go to to purchase a pass. 

Pole Dance Courses

Bliss Be Fit is an 9 Pole Studio. With lots of space between poles, high ceilings and a beautiful room, we offer a great setting to learn this beautiful art form. 


We run Pole Dancing COURSES so that you can learn to spin, fly, twirl and shimmy around and on the Pole. This is an amazing workout for your upper body and core - and the BEST workout for your confidene!


Pre booking and payment are essential - see below for more information!

Levels and Start dates:


Pole Strength and Flexibility training

$99 *includes GST

Pole Dancing is not easy - it is physically demanding, and the more strength and flexibility you have, the faster you will progress, and the smoother your moves will be. One class a week is often not enough for students once they get to level 2 and up - you need to be training specific muscles groups to be able to achieve those killer moves you want.

So this 1 hour class is designed to improve you Pole specific strength and flexibility. We use over head bars to work on upper body and core strength, and yoga mats, blocks and bands to work on increasing flexibility.

This great all over workout will increase your strength and flexibility - whether or not you are doing Pole Dancing it will benefit your body, mobility and mind set. 

No Pole Dancing experience required. Cost is just $99 for the 7 weeks. Exercise clothing and bare feet. 

Upcoming start date:
*Wednesday 8th January 2020- $99

Pole Level 1

Level 1 Pole Dancing is for our total and complete beginners!

This 7 week course is designed to uplift you, physically and mentally! We start with simple spins to hep you get your feet off the ground and get comfortable moving around the pole. We work on both the physical aspect of pole (such as strength building) as well as adding in the sensual side. Each week you learn one to two SPINS, and one to two DANCE moves. We piece them together into a routine.

We focus heavily on building strength in this course, so that if you want to progress to level 2 (where we invert and climb) then you will be more prepared for it! From pole pulls ups, straddles and push ups, to Fireman Spins, Sundials and more. 

The 7 week course is broken up into 

* 4 weeks of Static Pole - builds strength and  body awareness

* 2 weeks of Spinning Pole - so much fun! Builds confidence and gives you freedom

* 1 week of photo/routine week - mini photo shoot just for you and for your graduation certificate -  plus we practice our routine in  full!

Great way to connect with like minded people and make new friendships. 

You book for the same day and time each week for 7 weeks. 

Upcoming start dates for 2019

*Tuesdays 6.45pm starting 25 February 2020 (finishes 7 April)
*Thursdays 8pm starting 27 February 2020 (finishes 9 April)

Pole Level 2

Level 2 - Now you are addicted!! 

You have your Level 1 spins and moves down pat - lets amp it up!! This 7 weeks long course will teach you how to climb the pole, sit comfortably (yes its possible!), invert, and hang off the pole with an arm here, or a leg there! 


This course is amazing at increasing your upper body strength and will empower you to push your limits and achieve moves you didn't think you could ever do! 


We do a combination of static pole and spinning pole. The goal is to master the move on static, till you build confidence in that move, then when you put the pole on spin setting you can experiment with a few moves linked together. 


We work on partner poling in this series too.

Upcoming start dates

*Level 2 - Mondays at 7pm starting 6 January 2020

Pole Level 3 and 4

Level 3 and 4


Now our students have started to make Pole friends. People they can trust to spot them on the difficult moves and encourage them when they need it! Our moves are starting to get move complex, more Adrenalin filled, and more upside-downy!

We start to build flow from one move to the next, and our upper body strength really starts to become evident!. 

This course runs at the same day and time each week for 7 weeks - the changes you can see in that 7 weeks is incredible. We find out students really start to connect with others in the group, they start to feel differently about themselves, and more positively about their bodies and what amazing things they can do!

The move in this picture is a Star Gazer, we start working on it a little bit in level 2, before perfecting it in Level 3!

Upcoming start dates:

*Level 3 and4 - Mondays at 8pm, starting 6 January 2020

Pole Level 5 and 6

Level 5 and 6

The move in this picture is one of the most famous and popular Pole moves. Its our 'Superman', and mastering it is a big and satisfy accomplishment. Join us for level 5, cause life is better upside down! 

This class cover is intense, acrobatic, and s-o-o-o-o-o much FUN.  7 weeks long

Upcoming start date 


*Level 5 - Tuesdays at 8pm, starting 7 January 2020

Heels and Exotic Pole - 7 week course

$175 *includes GST

New in 2020 - we are offering a 7 week course on Exotic Pole Dancing (in heels) and Choreography. 

Each week you will learn new moves in that style - moves that can be used in any routine or level. Then at the end of the class those moves will be put into a mini routine. 


You must have completed level 3 Pole Dancing and feel confident with an outside leg hang, climbing and sitting.

Cost is just $175 for the 7 weeks. You will need to provide your own Pleasers (heels). 

Each class can only accomodate 8 people, so book in quick to reserve your spot. 

Pole Level 6 and 7 - On hold until March 2020

This 7 week course is designed to uplift you, physically and mentally! Some of our craziest moves and spins and combo's yet! Must have done advanced Pole Dancing at our studio or another studio. If you are unsure if this is the level for you please email us to clarify where you are at
Great way to connect with like minded people and make new friendships. 

You book for the same day and time each week for 7 weeks. 

Upcoming start dates for 2019

*Wednesdays starting 6 November (finishes 18 Dec)
*Thursdays 8pm starting 7 November (finishes 19 Dec)

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