Pole Dance Courses


Bliss Be Fit is an 9 Pole Studio. With lots of space between poles, high ceilings and a beautiful room, we offer a great setting to learn this beautiful art form. 


We run Pole Dancing COURSES so that you can learn to spin, fly, twirl and shimmy around and on the Pole. This is an amazing workout for your upper body and core - and the BEST workout for your confidene!


Pre booking and payment are essential - see our prices below for more information!




Fall 2022
Course Start Dates



6:45pm Pole Dance Level 1 with Taylor

8:00pm Pole Dance Level 3/4 with Celina


5:30pm Pole Dance Level 1 with Alex

8:00 Pole Dance Level 2 with Dawn


8:00pm Pole Dance Level 1 with Taylor


6:45pm Pole Conditioning and Transitions with Kele

8:00pm Exotic Choreography with Kele

*Pole courses start the week of September 12th

and run for 7 weeks.

Private One-on-one's CAN be booked, depending on instructor availability. Please inquire through Facebook, Instagram message or via email.



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