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Lyrical Pole Workshop

Lyrical Pole is many things - beautiful, graceful, powerful, often changing tempo from slow to fast. We glide, roll and twirl around the pole and the base of the pole. No acrobatic tricks, medium paced, and hauntingly beautiful. Come on this emotional dance journey with us.

You will need to have completed Level 1 Pole dancing prior to this course as we do have some level 1 spins, and a reverse shoulder roll. No other dance experience is necessary. Our song is: Wicked Game, by Daisy Gray

We we recommend wearing long tight fitting pants (eg leggings), socks, and a tshirt or long sleeve shirt (lots of floor work, sleeves makes it easier to slide and glide).

KNEE PADS are required and are essential.

A 2 hour workshop, learning a routine from start to finish with time to practice and film at the end (if you want).

download (7).jpg

Friday October 7th with Taylor from 7-9pm

Ladies only, 18+.


Cost is $60 for the whole workshop

Available for purchase NOW

Our featured classes include pole courses and pound events

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