​Robyn made her way across the pond from Australia to start teaching Zumba in Grande Prairie. She is the proud owner and fearless leader of the Bliss Be Fit studio. You can find her teaching many classes including:

Zumba (and Zumba Gold)

Booty Barre

Pole Fitness


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​Veronica is a our fearless POUND instructor, social butterfly and studio expert. She brings her smile, energy and enthusiasm to all her classes, and has done since 2011. She is Grande Prairie born and raised and loves music in all its forms. She can drum, she can sing and she can dance. You can find her teaching:



Lap Dancing workshops


Kendra is a long time dancer and cheerleader from Wetaskawin. She loves the classes that require high amounts of energy and noise. She has been teaching with the Bliss Team since 2011! She always brings a giant smile, great energy and high kicks to every class. You can find her teaching

And is also certified to teach:




Janine is our hard core fitness guru. When she does a class she gives it everything she has. She gets lower, jump higher and pushes herself and her students harder than you can imagine. She has loved fitness in its many forms for many years, and she brings her infectious, bouncy vibe to every class. You can find her teaching:


And is also certified to teach:

Zumba Step





Sarah has been with the Bliss Team since 2014, but has been teaching Zumba fitness since 2012. She has a passion for choreography, and is well known for her unique and swagalicious style. She brings creativity and sass to her classes, and you can find her teaching Zumba, and when we run it, Club Bliss classes too. She can be found teaching:



Lindsay joined the Bliss Team in 2016, after having been a student for over 4 years. She has big moves, a big smile, and knows how to get the crowd pumped up. In her short time since joining the team she has choreographed Zumba songs, put together our parties and special events, added paint nights to the schedule, and taken on teaching STRONG in the past. As she has recently made the move to central Alberta, she is still a part of the team- creating choreo and running things from behind the screen.  

When she does make an appearance back in Grande Prairie,

you can find her at:

Paint nights


Celina joined the Bliss team as instructor in 2016, after having been a student for many years. She is a brave, risk taking, and energetic Pole Dancer, who loves to share her knowledge of Pole Fitness in classes. She is incredibly strong, and willing to take on any challenge. You can find her teaching Pole Dance Classes and doing Pole Demo's for special events.


Taylor first came to the studio as a student in 2017. She started Pole Fitness to change up her workout routine and was hooked from the first class. She has now been teaching Pole Dance classes since the beginning of 2018.


Pound Instructor



Pole Fitness Instructor


Michele joined the Bliss team in 2019 as an instructor, but has been poling at our studio since 2016 after winning a radio competition to get a free Pole Dancing course. She fell in love with Pole instantly, and has been learning ever since. She is our Pole Mama - she takes care of her students and helps them learn how to fly! She is also very creative and likes to make knee pads, wrist protectors, shoe protectors and other fun Pole Dancing things.

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