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A Youth Empowerment Program for young girls to be inspired, to be their best selves, feel confident and empowered, while feeling connected to a community.

Inspired by The b. Class.


Next available class is for girls will be for 

Ages 8-12

6 Week Series- Starts Sunday, January 8th



What to Expect: 

Girl B You is a barefoot fitness program that empowers and strengthens both the mind and body. This program combines fitness moves with powerful music and movement, creating the perfect balance between intensity and fun! Girls will be inspired by the leader and the music to feel strong, confident and have fun while being active. Each class will end with a shavasana  to teach mindfulness as well as an activity or fun discussion that girls love! Other classes include pole courses, pound classes, and zumba.

Click the link below to sign up:


This is the same amazing, empowering, healing, relatable, fun and fitness experience as our traditional The b. Class, but JUST for young girls. The music is familiar, yet appropriate and each weekly theme will encourage the opportunity for discussion. Mental strength activities will address self worth, body image, confidence, goal setting and community.


"As a mother, I love to see my kids want to go to their next activity, but what I love most about Girl be YOU is seeing my daughter come out of class feeling stronger with her head held a little higher. I love how it gives my daughter the tools to thrive and grow in the choas of middle school. Plus it's so awesome to be able to share a class I love with my kid!"

-Parent Testimonial


"Girl be YOU has made me mentally and physically stronger. It has taught me that I'm beautiful just the way I am. It has inspired me to be brave, strong, and not to change myself for other people. One of the things I love about Girl be YOU is the songs they choose, because I feel that I can really relate to them and the moves that are choreographed to the song make you feel unstoppable. But my favorite thing is at the end of class we do shavasana when we get to reflect and think about our life choices. The instructors are amazing and they push you to thrive and do your best."

-Girl be YOU Participant

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