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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of classes do you offer?
We offer:
Zumba Fitness: A dance fitness and cardio class includes a mixture of Latin and popular music.
POUND Fitness: A Drumstick workout focusing on strengthening the legs, bum and core.
The b. class: An empowering and inspiring dance cardio class, combines athletic movement with powerful music.
Pole Dancing: Upper body strengthening and core class.
Lap Dancing workshops: Fun girls nights out, learning a full routine start to finish.

2. When do the classes run?
We run everyday of the week, on a set timetable. See "Schedules" for class days and times.

3. Do I need to reserve/register?
***Drop in Classes*** require NO registration, you just turn up 5-10min before class to sign in. Drop-in classes include Zumba, POUND,  and The b. class. To ensure your spot, you can register for any drop in class at
***Pole Dancing, Lap Dancing, Stagette Parties and other specialty workshops  DO require you to reserve and prepay. If you want to reserve please click "Classes"

4. How much does it cost, are there memberships?
We have a few different payment methods. You can purchase a punch card with no expiry date- good for any drop in class. Or you can choose to purchase an Unlimited membership for 2 months, 6 months or 12 months- also good for all drop in classes. Our Pole and Lap Dancing classes are pre registered courses. You can see a list of all prices, and purchase any class under the "Prices" Tab.

5. What do I wear/bring
** Pole Dancing and Lap Dancing- we dance in barefeet, and capri or full length pants and a tank top or t-shirt for levels 1 and 1.5. Please try not to moisturize your hands on the day of classes
**Zumba- please bring indoor runners to dance in, comfortable work out clothes, a water bottle and a sweat towel
** POUND and The b. class- Generally done in barefeet, we provide yoga mats, you just need a water bottle and indoor shoes if you want to wear them. Shoes are optional

6. When are you open?
We are only officially open when we have classes running. So from 5pm till 8pm each night you are welcome to stop by in between class times. Outside of those hours if you wish to talk with someone, see the studio or ask some questions in person, please call or email us to arrange a time to do this.

7. What payment options do you have?
If in the studio you can pay with * Cash  *Credit Card *Debit Tap *Etransfer and *Cheque
If online you can pay with  *Credit card. You can also pay over the phone 


8. How can I tell how many punches I have or if I have an active pass still?

If you have visited our studio before (yes, even YEARS ago!) you might still have an active e-mail address or phone number assigned to your name. You can try logging into your account at

If that does not work, you can send us an e-mail or message and we can help you set one up or help you log in!

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