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Dawson Creek - we are coming for you!!!

We are so excited to be bringing our Valentines Lap Dance Workshops back to Dawson Creek! This two hour work shop teaches you a whole Lap Dance routine - start to finish, and sends you home with a cheat sheet to practice!! Such a fun class, and a great excuse for a night out. 

This year you can choose from two routines - Bad Things by Jace Everett, or Slow Hands by Niall Horan!

When: Saturday 8th  February 2020

Where: Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre (10401 10 St, Dawson Creek


3.30-5.30pm - Slow Hands
-  7.30-9.30pm - Bad Things

 Bookings essential as space is limited. Please see credit card options below, or you can do an etransfer - just email If booking online below - when it says 'select PayPal" - you do not need a Pay Pal Account, once you click it it will offer you a credit card option. 

Must be over 18 years old, must be female. 
Please wear regular exercise clothing, but bring the appropriate prop with you. We will have spare aprons with us for you to borrow if needed.

Slow hands - mood board.jpg

"Slow Hands" 

By Niall Horan

Theme: Suggestive, cute, playful and flirty. Feel like a sweet Pin Up girl
Also: No floor work – very low impact on all joints. Two chairs

Outfit: Clothing is up to you. We suggest bringing heels with you (for first part of routine). Think cute and a little bit innocent, a little more covered up than our other routines. Wear regular exercise clothes to class, bring any extra props with you. No floor work


Listen to song on link below

bad things with aprons.jpg

"Bad Things" 

By Jace Everett

Theme:  Fun, upbeat, cheeky and mischievous. Think....Domestic Goddess!

Also: This is a shorter routine, so easier to remember. Two Chairs.

Outfit: Bring an Apron - we know this sounds odd, but you will be a Domestic Goddess - and you will blow your partners mind with the very little you would wear under the apron.
We will have spares at the studio for you to borrow or buy. Come in exercise clothes, bring apron with you. Bring a yoga matt too as there is some floor work (minimal).


Listen to song on link below

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