Zumba Basics

Whether you are a first-timer in the studio or a seasoned Zumba student, this class is for you! 


Many of us know what a "grapevine" is, or have heard the word "salsa", but did you know that Zumba is made up of four basic rhythms? 


This 3 week pre-registered course will introduce the basic steps and origin to each rhythm as well as their unique pattern and counts! Then they will be applied to our CURRENT songs found in our Zumba playlist so when you are ready to transition to our drop in class, you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to get out there and kill it on the dance floor!

Dates: Wednesdays- September 15th, 22nd & 29th

Time: 7:45pm- 8:30pm

Cost: $45 for all three weeks.

*Plus receive a FREE pass for one drop in Zumba class once you have completed the three weeks!

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